Our Logo

There are four distinct symbols in Covenant's logo that try to display the values we embody at Covenant:

1. The Heart.  We believe that God is love, and we desire to nurture Christ's love as the heart of our community, and that which we share with the world.  Love is important to us, and the heart is prominently displayed in our logo. 

2. The Waterdrop.  Every Sunday, a child reminds us at the beginning of worship that we are the baptized children of God.  Because of this seal on our lives, we believe that there is nothing in life or death that can separate us from God's love.  

3. The Outstretched Hands.   The hands remind us of our Christian need for worshiping God, and Christian imperative for serving our neighbor in Christ's Covenant Love. 

4. The Cross.  If you look closely, the "t" at the end of Covenant is in the shape of the cross found in our sanctuary.  For us here at Covenant, the Jesus' empty cross is a part of everything we do and believe.